Tenaska Capital Management is a leading private equity firm focused on investments in the power and energy sectors in North America.

Formed in 2003, Tenaska Capital Management, LLC (TCM) has raised over $3.2 billion of equity capital across two funds and executed over $6.5 billion of energy investments. TCM’s investors include over 100 U.S. and international investors.

TCM seeks to leverage the extensive capabilities of our investment professionals. The technical, operational, engineering and marketing capabilities of TCM, and our access to the resources of our affiliate, Tenaska, Inc., enable us to seek to optimize the value of our investments, while minimizing commercial, commodity and financial risks. Tenaska, Inc. strives to partner with thought leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who will enable transformation of the energy industry. Learn more about Tenaska, Inc.’s energy innovation investment initiative here.

TCM’s headquarters is in Omaha, Nebraska.