Private Equity Investing With Strategic Expertise

The primary focus of our strategy is the acquisition or development of real, long-life infrastructure assets in the North American power generation and midstream sectors. In targeting these opportunities, we seek to emphasize:

Early Identification of Trends: Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the markets, regulations, technologies and commodity risk management to identify, ahead of other investors, what we believe are early industry trends in order to develop investment opportunities, optimize our existing assets and maximize returns.

Opportunities to Add Value: Utilizing the in-house expertise of both our TCM professionals and the broad resources of Tenaska, Inc. to optimize assets including operations, engineering, contracting, fuel supply, financing, hedging and other risk mitigation.

Relationships: Leveraging our industry relationships to source what we believe are world-class development teams, acquire customers, access proprietary acquisitions and optimize exit returns.

Disciplined Due Diligence: Primarily employing internal resources to evaluate assets and markets, identify risks and enhancements, and structure transactions. This approach seeks to assure the alignment of interests and is designed to achieve a more rapid and in-depth assessment of opportunities.

Diversification: Pursuing diversification of our investments across power and energy markets, reserve basins, customers, suppliers and technologies.